The adventure

A great outdoor investigation game!

Investigator hats on to explore the Minotaur of Sainte-Julie with the help of our virtual game. Observe its living environment, its kitchen, its workshop, its living room and its sleeping area… On the way we go to spot the clues revealed by the QR* codes. Figure out this mythical character and accumulate points!

The more you uncover the truth about this intriguing character, the more points you make and the more chances you have of winning prizes!**

You may also choose to do the classic adventure: determine the length of your stay in the Minotaur’s domain and this way towards the exit… With a surface equivalent to nearly 20 football fields, this colossal labyrinth promises to lose the most seasoned scout in you! What better way to enjoy the summer while creating beautiful memories.

An outdoor adventure where everyone contributes according to their abilities. Enough to make you lose your mind…and the way! So, will you manage to escape?

An outdoor activity that is both unique and flexible, original and thrilling that provides a ton of fun for young people of all ages, with family or friends, at a reasonable price.


A legendary character

It is in a 48-acre corn maze that an extraordinary being has chosen to hide his apartments. Since then, the media have him top of mind! But is the portrait that they paint of this creature true?

First, you might be wondering: what is a minotaur? Who is the Ste-Julie Minotaur? Where is he from? What is he doing here in the region? Does he eat raw flesh or is he a vegetarian? Does he make weapons or BBQ utensils? Does he go after humans of does he just want to be a good neighbor?

For some, the Ste-Julie Minotaur is a real hero. For others, it is more of a calamity. And you, what will you deduce?


Can you uncover the truth about the minotaur ?


Plan your visit

This safe escape game gives you plenty of space to explore at your leisure peacefully! Avoid crowds and make the most of this original journey by reserving your departure time when you buy your tickets.

Are you planning to try your luck at the mystery game? Remember to bring a mobile phone.

When you are in the maze, you choose how long you want to stay in; you get out when you’ve had enough!

  • Wear comfortable shoes or boots for walking. The maze is in a field and the paths vary from 1 km to 5 km.
  • Check the day’s weather and wear weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Bring a bottle of water or a non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Put on sun protection. It is hot in the fields and the shade is modest.
  • Snacks and picnics are possible before or after the activity. Bring your lunch and blankets.
  • Your happiness and your smiles!
  • A single-width stroller (doubles must be disassembled to pass on the bridges).
  • Please leave your pets at home, only assistance dogs are allowed.
  • Your mobile phone if you plan to try your luck in the investigation game.
  • Your flashlight is you come explore the maze in the evening.
  • If you have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with an infected persone, please postpone your visit and respect the 5 days voluntary confinement recommended by the government.
  • Everywhere on site, whether at the reception, at the refreshment area, in the maze or in the squash and pumpkin fields, make sure to respect the distance of 2 meters, except with the people of your bubble.
  • The site is outdoors, so wearing a mask is not mandatory.

Tickets are non-refundable. If management has to cancel a day due to the weather, it will be announced on the Labyrinthe Galaxie Facebook page. You will therefore be able to take advantage of your weather or flex options that you have purchased at the same time as your tickets. If thunderstorms are forecast, watch our Facebook page for weather alerts or contact us to make sure that we’re open before heading out.

*You must have a mobile phone in hand to participate in the investigation game.
**Prizes totalizing over $10 000 (including a $2 500 travel credit) will be drawn from all winners on November 5th, 2022 at noon.