A Maze of Emotions

The Minotaur of Sainte-Julie has chosen to establish its refuge in the heart of a 48-acre cornfield. Embark on an adventure and discover the numerous faces of the creature. Identify its emotions, earn points, and most importantly… find your way!

Like us humans, the Minotaur experiences a wide range of emotions. Explore its chambers, identify its expressions, and scan the QR codes!

Get lost in this outdoor maze and embark on an educational and fun quest.

Along the way, discover how to cultivate enjoyable emotions and manage unpleasant ones. The more accurately you match the Minotaur’s expressions with the corresponding faces, the more points you earn…

A Gigantic Corn Maze on the South Shore

Explore one of the world’s largest outdoor mazes! Get lost and find your way through the 5 km of trails crafted by the Minotaur.

Countless challenges and guaranteed smiles await you.

Starting mid-September, we also offer pumpkin and squash picking.

Fun for the whole family!

An outdoor activity that is both entertaining and educational, ensuring hours of enjoyment for kids and adults alike, whether with family or friends, and at an affordable price.

Our trails of varying distances cater to both the adventurous and the little ones. Once you enter the maze, you can choose to remain in the maze from anywhere between 30 minutes and 4 hours depending on how you find your way… You can exit whenever you’ve had enough!

The game can be played with or without a smartphone.

The adventure lies in the cornfield