The Great Emotion Game

An educational and fun outdoor activity!

This year, come and discover the multiple faces of the Minotaur. Explore its chambers, scan the QR codes, match the faces to the emotions, earn points, and above all… find your way!

This game is ideal for exploring your emotions, learning to recognize them, and gaining a better understanding of them. You can further your learning with the educational materials provided at the end of the journey.

This emotion-filled adventure offers an opportunity to have a blast while developing skills and gaining self-awareness!


Two levels are available:

  • The Apprentice, the most accessible, recommended for young families.
  • The Expert, designed for the more daring and adventurous participants.

The game can be played with
or without a smartphone.

A legendary character

In a gigantic vegetal maze, a creature, part-human and part-bull, has taken refuge. Since then, the Minotaur has been hiding in its chambers: the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the workshop.

Discover the 16 main emotions of this mythical being as you navigate through endless twists and turns! Get ready to lose your way…


Match the emotions to their corresponding faces and
increase your chances of winning
end-of-season prizes! 

A total value of over $10,000 in prizes

Plan your visit

This safe escape game offers a vast space for exploration and learning. Avoid crowds and make the most of this unique journey by reserving your departure time when purchasing your tickets.

Free parking! Get ready with your water bottles, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and come experience the adventure of the summer!

  • Wear comfortable shoes or boots for walking. The maze is in a field and the paths vary from 1 km to 5 km.
  • Bring a bottle of water or a non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Put on sun protection. It is hot in the fields and the shade is modest.
  • Snacks and picnics are possible before or after the activity. Bring your lunch and blankets.
  • Your happiness and your smiles!
  • A single-width stroller (doubles must be disassembled to pass on the bridges).
  • Your mobile phone if you plan to try your luck in the investigation game.
  • Your flashlight is you come explore the maze in the evening.

Check the day’s weather and wear weather-appropriate clothing.

Please leave your pets at home, only assistance dogs are permitted.

Bring a snack, lunch and blankets if you wish to picnic before or after the activity. Bottled water is available at the reception desk.

Unpaved paths are made for walking and are not recommended for wheelchair users. Single strollers are ideal, as double strollers cannot cross bridges.

Tickets are non-refundable. If management has to cancel a day due to the weather, it will be announced on the Labyrinthe Galaxie Facebook page. You will therefore be able to take advantage of your weather or flex options that you have purchased at the same time as your tickets. If thunderstorms are forecast, watch our Facebook page for weather alerts or contact us to make sure that we’re open before heading out.